Hannah Berner: Model, Actor + Producer


We are so happy we got to chat with Hannah, the multi-talented fit, commercial, print, and fitness model – and most recently – video producer and comedian for the infamous Betches Instagram account. Continue reading to learn more about Hannah and how she got started!

We love watching you on Betches! How did you fall into this?

Thanks so much! I was at a desk job questioning my life purpose and crying in the bathroom when I decided I needed to quit and reevaluate my career path. I asked myself what I would do if money wasn’t an issue and it was to create funny videos. I had no idea how I could do this, but I applied to a video internship and started to hone my video editing skills. Out of nowhere, a model I had met at an Adidas photoshoot (that Bicoastal booked for me) reached out to me saying that he was working for a brand called Betches who was looking for a video producer with 5 years experience. I laughed and said I’m not a good fit, but I submitted a funny video anyway. They called me into their office and said that they will start me as a freelancer. 7 months later, I was officially hired as the first video producer at Betches. Since starting the video department, I’ve increased video views from 2.2 million views in Q3 2016 to 155 million views in Q3 2017. I love creating new ideas to make my friends and family laugh everyday.


Tell us a little bit about your other talents – sports, hosting, improv? What do you enjoy most?

I grew up around sports including basketball, golf, softball, and tennis. At 12 years old I decided to focus on tennis and ended up playing for the University of Wisconsin and playing professionally for a bit. After tennis, I worked as a sports broadcaster for the University of Wisconsin Athletics, so I would interview basketball, soccer, and track teams and then edit their highlight reels. Since I’ve been little, I’ve always been very silly and outgoing, so comedy was a natural step for me to use my experience in video and hard work ethic from sports to create funny content. Sports, hosting, and comedy are all different ways for me to express myself, whether it is physically or verbally. I think it’s healthy to find a lot of different hobbies and never define yourself by just one thing. Everyone is multifaceted and you can surprise yourself by finding out you are passionate about a new hobby or skill.

Tell us about your experience as a fit model with Bicoastal – what are some highlights/favorite clients?


As a fit model, I’ve worked for Hanes, Urban Outfitters, Elie Tahari, MM La Fleur, One Jeans Group. I love fit modeling because I really enjoy being a part of the creative process. I feel like a fly on the wall while serious decisions are being made about the length of a dress that will be sold in thousands of stores or something as little as the color of a button. It’s also pretty cool to go around and brag to my friends that my body has perfect proportions and then they tell me to shut up.

Do you have any particular favorite sketches? And why? 

I do! I love to expose the reality behind social media and make fun of the fake personas that can make people feel insecure with online. During this time of social media, it’s important not to compare yourselves to someone else’s highlight reel. Let’s be serious, we are all in yoga pants with no makeup on scrolling our Instagram feed majority of the time. I made this video joking about fitness influencers:

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Love my fit fam! #motivationmonday

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We are so excited to welcome the vivacious and multi-talented Sarah Moliski to our boards! Not only is she a comedian (and hilarious to be around) but she was running around all NYFW interviewing designers for Richard Magazine where she’s a host!

sarah1Continue reading to learn more about Sarah!

Where are you from?
I am from East Hampton, New York where I transitioned into a career in film, tv, modeling and theatrical arts.

Where did you study?
I attended Hunter College for film and media studies and then trained professionally at the Maggie Flannigan acting conservatory in Manhattan.

Where can we find you?
I am known as a stand up comedian in NYC and LA and have appeared at comedy clubs including Gotham Comedy club, Greenwich Comedy club, Broadway Comedy club, Comedy Cellar and is highly trained in improv and sketch Comedian and writer.sarah3.jpg

What other kinds of things are you doing lately?sarah2.jpg
I am a corespondent for Disney Japan. I also had a reoccurring role on the Michael J Fox show. I just finished shooting a feature film called “Out of State – a Gothic Romance” where I played the lead. I also produce and host a new innovative fashion series focusing on all aspects of the fashion / beauty industry! It’s called RICHARD MAGAZINE. While working on all these productions I am also in intensive rehearsals and breaking down my character for a new feature film starting production this winter, a Lou Di Giorgio original film we will be shooting in Portugal starting in January.


Model of the Month-Katie Nolan

We are so excited to have the gorgeous and charming #BICOASTALMGMT model, Katie Nolan, as our Model of the Month! Having Katie has been such a great addition to our fashion board, we only see bright things for her modeling career. See below to learn more about this beauty:


1. Where you are from?
I was born and raised in Virginia. Little known fact, the first Thanksgiving in North KatieNleather.jpgAmerica was held in Virginia. But now I think of New York City as my home.

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?
While I study Accounting by night, my true talent is in making balloon animals. Before modeling I worked for the Parks and Recreation Department and would help run free activities for kids around NYC, which is where I got into the balloon artist trade. I’d love to make you a balloon animal, just let me know!

3. Favorite clients from the biz?
I’ve honestly been so lucky. Everyone I have worked for has been so gracious and personable. Rag and Bone is really wonderful as is KAUFMANFRANCO.

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?
I’d love to appear in Vogue, mostly just to show my parents! Aside from my current *very dreamy* clients, some of the dream designers I would love the opportunity to work for IMG_4845include DVF, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and Donna Karen! As I learn more about fashion, this list gets longer 🙂

5. Career highlights?
Paris with KAUFMANFRANCO this past fashion cycle was really exciting. Not only was it fun to be with the team in a different country, the clothes were gorgeous, and I got to see how a successful market week is made! I also ate tartare for the first time, that was really tasty.

6. How did you get into modeling or acting?
Great question! Malissa and Josh actually spotted me in my Parks and Rec uniform walking around the UES. I owe everything to them and the Bicoastal family.

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Katie Nolan


#BICOASTALMGMT model/actor, Hadasa Isolino, shot an advertising campaign with casting director Donna Grossman, for her project with Andy Batt’s Northrop/Gruman: The Pilot and the Student.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.42.43 AM.png

We are happy to be able to sit down with Hadasa and ask her a few questions about herself and her experience on set.

BICOASTAL: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

HADASA: I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic of a multicultural family. My mother is Dominican and my father of Italian and Argentinean descent. Currently I’m living the dream in NYC pursuing an acting career. I enjoy cooking, painting, writing songs and going to the beach-especially the ones in my country!

BICOASTAL: How did you feel shooting as someone in the military?

HADASA: The only contact I’ve had with someone in the military was on this shoot, a former pilot on set. I recall with respect and admiration his character, pride and passion to every single detail to the uniform and our performance. His presence encouraged me to do my very best.

BICOASTAL: What was your favorite thing about shooting that day?

HADASA: One of my favorite things about the shoot was that the team, clients and crew where so great to work with and made the shoot go smooth and fun and when I say fun they had a DJ playing…

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Expert Advice for Actors by Amy Gossels


How did you fall into this business? Were you an actress as well? Or was it not a fall, but a plan back from your days at RISD?

I actually have my undergraduate degree from Brown University and did grad studies at Rhode Island School of Design. While at Brown, I studied theater as well as other arts as part of my semiotics major.  I performed in a number of productions at Brown and also directed a couple of shows. I knew early on that I wanted to be involved in something creative, whether it was studio art or performing arts, and therefore pursued both. But after my graduate work in studio art, I began to shift my focus towards film production. As for how I built my career, there is no simple answer, because I did it very differently from most. Whereas most get into the field by working for someone established, I never did. In fact, I never worked for anyone in the industry and actually started out by taking on the role of producer on an indie feature being directed by a friend of a friend. So, I was completely self taught.
It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, I was producing a film I that I really believed in, but as we were working with a micro budget, there was no money to hire a casting director. So, one of the many hats I wore on that production happened to also be that of casting director.  I learned “on the job” so to speak, out of necessity. During the shooting of that film, I not only was able to bring a couple of name actor friends, I also discovered a couple of wonderful actors who went on to become household names. My casting career was literally an offshoot of that new producing career, because the production designer I hired on that feature invited a commercial producer to set on our wrap night, and he was so impressed with the cast, he asked if I’d like to take a stab at casting a national network Lotus commercial for a certain director, who at the time, was the number one commercial director in the business and had just fired two other casting directors with whom he was unsatisfied. And as I’m not one to say no to a challenge, but rather one to embrace a new challenge, I said yes. But, I will admit that at first, it was a bit daunting, taking on a commercial job with a very high profile director was an entirely new endeavor which involved an intense learning curve that I had to navigate on my own. But, here I am about two decades later, feeling very blessed that I have a career that I love and still find great joy in everything I do, on both the casting and producing fronts.

What film projects have you enjoyed producing/casting for most? Why? 
I usually find the greatest joy in working with people whom I love, creatively and as human beings. I’ve been very lucky to love most all of the filmmakers I’ve worked with, but if I had to single one project out, it would be a short film I cast and co-produced called “Zen and the Art of Landscaping”. It went on to win more than a dozen film festivals, including Sundance and the Student Academy Award, aired on Showtime Networks and plays in film festivals showcasing the best of the best of short films to this day, about 15 years later.

Short films have always been a passion of mine, and my goal with shorts, as with features, is to not only find actors who will breathe the most interesting and engaging life into the roles, but also to raise the bar of each film by drawing actors who are not only talented and accomplished, but actors who will find nuances in the script so that the final film is even better than it was on the page. The beauty of short films is that they are usually a truly organic creative process, as opposed to one that is driven by distribution needs with often too many cooks in the kitchen. Everyone’s goal is very pure. To make the best film possible. A film that honors the script and the director’s vision that will delight an audience. This film stands out to me not only because of its success and awards and because so many people know it, love it and remember it to this day, but because I fell in love with the script and had a very strong, specific vision for the cast I wanted and was able to realize that vision because the director’s vision was completely in synch with mine and I was able to secure all the actors I had in mind. That rarely happens. That kind of serendipity where you see the final film on the screen in your mind, the director completely agrees with your vision and then you’re ultimately able to lock your dream cast to fully realize your vision and then the final film lives up to your hopes and expectations is a true gift.

Alyssa and I attended your workshop a few weeks ago! Thank you again for the invitation. We really enjoyed it. You are full of such great advice and give amazing direction. If you could give one piece of advice to new actors what would it be?  

I don’t have one piece of advice for actors but instead I have four crucial pieces of advice.
  • First, make sure you have a great headshot that makes people want to get to know you, that makes people interested in you, and that represents you very accurately while bringing out your unique presence. Your headshot often makes the difference between getting the audition or not, and in many cases, actors are booked based on a headshot and reel without an audition, so if the headshot isn’t compelling, clients will not bother to watch your reel or be interested in auditioning you.
  • Secondly, be proactive, submit through the established breakdown sites on a daily basis, listing your representative if you have one, and keeping them in the loop and/or asking them to submit for you.
  • Third, keep up with your training and make sure you’re training with the right people, because when you do get that big audition or opportunity, you want to be sure you’re confident, prepared and can compete with trained professionals who are also vying for the role.
  • Finally, work as much as you can. Work begets work. Take small things, including unpaid gigs from time to time, especially film or video bookings that might be used for your reel, and even background bookings now and then, especially if you’re new to the business. Wonderful new opportunities, connections and growth come from actively putting yourself in the midst of the creative process. I can’t tell you how many great things have come about in the most unexpected ways because someone was in the right place at the right time, i.e. on set and open and receptive to the magic of the moment.
What do you find most rewarding about your career?

I feel rewarded by so many things and can’t narrow it down to just one. As I touched on earlier when talking about my favorite film project, that experience of fully realizing your vision for a film and then seeing the audience thoroughly embrace it is certainly on the top of the list. I also love working in television and the adrenaline rush of being given an impossible challenge on an impossible timeline and how great it feels to deliver against all odds, exceed your clients’ expectations and then see your work air just a day or two later. And finally, I love teaching and am incredibly committed to the process and to achieving great results for the actors with whom I work. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to hear from my students about their new success. In just the past couple of weeks, I heard from one recent student who just booked her first national network commercial as a principal, from another who booked a supporting role on “Law & Order”, from another who just got into the Actors Studio and said he applied everything he learned in class to that audition, and another who is now being courted by two agents since finishing our workshop.

Helping actors hone the skills they need and to compete and succeed and sharing insight to give them a strong sense of direction with their career and then seeing that all translate into tangible new success gives me immeasurable joy.

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