Model of the Month – Clare Rae

We are thrilled to have our star on the rise, Clare R, as our May Model of the Month. From being featured in Seventeen Magazine to Eloquii – Clare does it all! Continue reading to learn more about Clare, what inspires her, and her dream clients!


1. Where you are from?

A tiny beach town in FL called Vero Beach. 

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

Dance! I grew up doing competitive dance and studied musical theatre in college while dancing professionally in Miami. I’m fully addicted to face masks (it’s a study, hobby, and special skill!) as well as spending time researching and furthering all things body positive. 


3. Favorite clients from the biz? 

I love working with my Full Beauty Brands team! They’re so fun to work with. It’s never boring. I also love getting to see what’s coming up for Eloquii. Their clothes are truly amazing!

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?

A dream client would be Chromat or 11honore. They have such amazing visions. Chromat is the most responsible and progressive brand – it would be amazing to be a part of that. But in general I want to be a part of normalizing plus bodies in the mainstream narrative through commercial, acting, print, or fit!

5. Career highlights?

My first big print feature was 17 Magazine. It was an all sizes swim shoot and it was a blast. I couldn’t believe my “full tummy” fit was a full page in print in a magazine! 

fffweek beauty shot

6. How did you get into modeling ?

I have an acting background so I was submitting for a wide range of jobs through breakdown services, and an overwhelming amount of the response was for “curvy girls needed” in print/commercials (this was in 2012 when the industry was a little more niche). Then, one of the production team members from my 17 shoot suggested I look into agencies specifically for modeling. 


Model of the Month – Janine T

We are thrilled to have our star on the rise, Janine T, as our March Model of the Month. From Project Runway to Prada – Janine does it all! Continue reading to learn more about Janine, what inspires her, and her dream clients!

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.37.59 AM.png

1. Where you are from?
I am originally from Brooklyn NY.

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?
I enjoy reading and the results of exercise. I studied art (fashion illustration, story boarding, children’s illustrations – it was my favorite). I also love trying new things by giving myself goals aka resolutions. One year was getting back into ballet, another was boxing. Just recently I did swimming lessons and this year is belly dance! Anything to break up my comfort zone.

3. Favorite clients from the biz?

My favorite clients have definitely been the Alexander Wang team (love their vibe and energy), Shake and Go – always hard work but fun days, and I enjoyed working with the Marist Fashion Department (always so exciting to see creativity from the ground up with a student’s perspective and their nerves about their designs heartwarming because we’ve all been there). With Fuzzi, Cedric Charlier and recently Moschino, always love our adventures from day to day with my AEFFE family.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.43.11 AM.png
4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?

Everyone who knows me knows that my ultimate dream client would be Chloé, I have followed the brand since Karl Largerfeld was creative director followed through with Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo and then Clare Waight Keller and now Natcha Ramsay- Levi and still I fall in love collection by collection. Zimmerman is another client that I would love to work with, something about getting the opportunity to work with an utterly feminine brand – same with Ulla Johnson. And to work with the timelessness that is Ralph Lauren and DVF, I would die! Let’s also not forget about Richard Tisci, everything he touches is golden! But there are so many creatives and so many different fields to choose from, I want to do it all!

5. Career highlights?

I really loved my Prada x Elle webtorial still one of my highlights, great team, great work and a feeling of satisfaction was definitely met with that one. Project Runway was really lovely to work with not only did it introduce me to television but also the production and all the work that comes with that. I also made and kept a lot of friends I cherish.

6. How did you get into modeling or acting?

I was originally scouted but it didn’t turn out to well. I dabbled a bit afterward but it wasn’t until I actually volunteering with the CFDA and happened to be able to watch the show I was helping out with. It was Anna Sui and it opened up with this dance number and after the little dance Karlie Kloss steps out and just struts down that runway, I was so in awe and so inspired, I really wanted to be that strong and confident. She was my major inspiration that started me modeling I wanted to have that presence, plus my love of seeing things from beginning to end also gave me the drive to go into it. I love to follow a process and see it’s outcomes and to be surrounded by all the creative facets that involve modeling it’s what keeps me inspired.


As always, NYFW was a whirlwind! See some highlights below of our girls rocking runways + presentations, features by Vogue, WWD and more!

Model of the Month – Jesse Wasmuth

We are excited to announce Jesse W as January’s Model of the Month! With career highlights such as filming commercials for Amazon and American Express, and now gaining experience as a perfectly proportional Fit Model, Jesse is an upbeat, knowledgable, go-getter.

1.) Where are you from?

I’m from Dayton, Ohio (birthplace of aviation woot woot!), but I’ve lived in NY for over a decade! It’s my home now, and I can’t imagine life any other way.

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

My passions really revolve around my family right now. My partner and I have a daughter, and he has children from before, so when the big kids are home we are a party of 6! Anything that we can do together on the weekends is great, and feels very restorative. It usually involves a significant amount of napping, reading, cooking, and of course some wine by the fire in the evenings.

We primarily live and work in the city, but we also spend a lot of time out on Long Island where we also have a home. During the cold months hiking and walking on the beach are a huge thing for me. There is a bird sanctuary out in Sag Harbor that I love to visit, where you can see a variety of wild birds in their natural element. They will even sometimes swoop right down and land on your head and hands, hoping that you will give them some seed, and you can always see deer and wild turkeys too! Walking on the beach and collecting trash is also a passion of mine. It’s really easy to make a small difference by just picking up garbage, so I try to do that regularly.

My life’s passion has to be creating with my hands, though. I am a maker, so I love cooking, baking, and gardening to name a few of my favorite hobbies. This summer I had my first vegetable garden since I’ve lived in Ohio, and there truly is nothing like fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers from the garden, still warm from the sun. I also love running, biking and swimming; really anything that involves being outside!dsc09321

3. Favorite clients from the biz?

I have had a wonderful time with the crew at Club Monaco, and I love working with the team at Adrianna Pappell. I am looking forward to working with more brands in the new year! I studied Technical Design at FIT, so I always am happy to see friends working in tech and design when I’m out and about in the garment district. It’s yet another thing that makes NY home to me.

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?

jessica wasmuth by chris carroll 2519

It would be a dream come true to be fit modeling full time. I love the potential of the job, and I think that from a modeling perspective, working in fit is where you can make the most difference for the companies and for the consumers. If something is wrong about the way a garment feels, it’s

not going to be purchased, and even if it is it may not see the light of day. How many times have we all bought something because it was cute, only to get home and realize that it makes us feel like there is something wrong with us since it doesn’t fit quite right? Every body is different, and everyone should be able to feel great in well fitting and flattering garments! I’m glad that I have certain specific measurements that make me a good candidate for the job.

Some dream clients would be J. Crew, James Perse, and Lululemon because I literally live my life in their clothing; they fit me so well. Alice and Olivia achieves and amazing fit too, and I personally know one of the pattern-makers there, so that would be huge for me. If I were in Europe, I would flip out to be able to work with Celine, Jill Stuart, and Rick Owens, (to name a few) because I admire their work and fit so much.

5. Career highlights?

Walking in fashion week and getting cast in an America Express commercial, then later on an Amazon Kindle commercial, were absolutely career highlights for me.

When I first moved to NYC I was focused on becoming a fashion model, but the top agencies kept telling me that I looked more commercial. I didn’t really like that, because I wanted to be in editorials, doing the fantastical and creative stuff! I ended working freelance, and I walked in fashion week in NYC, which felt like a dream come true. The real payoff was when one of my old boyfriends from Ohio called me up and told me that my picture was in Paper Magazine from the show. I was shocked because I had no idea, and also giddy and proud. I bought 5 copies fo that magazine, give or take..

Throughout the years I would occasionally get street casted for commercial projects, and that’s how I got the part in the two commercials for TV! I loved the camaraderie of being on set, and the long hours and intense commitment was really cool. The cushiness of doing projects with such big budgets wasn’t bad either. It turns out, I actually like doing commercial jobs! Through the avenue of commercial work I have been able to work with my daughter on a shoot for the children’s brand Skip Hop, which was great fun.

6. How did you get into modeling or acting?

I have always been interested in modeling, and I had the support of my family to move to NY to pursue my dreams. I had some time away from it for family and school, but never too much time, as I feel like I’ve always had one foot in the modeling world. I’ve cycled back around to fit because I think fit is such an interesting and integral part of the process of making beautiful and well-loved clothing, and I love being a part of the process!

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The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is one of the world’s most notable, nonprofit environmental organizations. Valuing realistic and long-term solutions, the Environmental Defense Fund fosters beliefs of conserving natural systems and solving leading environmental obstacles such as changes in climates, oceans, ecosystems, and health. By collaborating with others, EDF fights for change by capitalizing on varying strengths and weaknesses made possible through teamwork to discover unique solutions.
For more information on the Environmental Defense Fund, visit their website here.
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Established in 1971, Greenpeace USA has been determined to change the world for over 45 years. With offices in more than 50 countries and a dedicated group of people who are committed to spreading Greenpeace’s values, this organization has practiced peaceful protests to disclose environmental issues across the globe. Combatting serious concerns such as global warming and the degradation of oceans, Greenpeace spreads awareness about destruction and champions diversity as the solution to provide altering perspectives to preserve the natural world.
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For more information on the American Society for the Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals, visit their website here.


Our November Model of the Month is the gorgeous bombshell, Jenesia Torres. From being the perfect size 18 Fit model, to booking print, commercial, and more, she does it all! Continue reading to learn more about Jenesia, her highlights, goals, and how she started:

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 4.19.08 PM.png

1. Where you are from?
I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, however my family is from Utuado and Coamo, Puerto Rico.image1 (6).jpeg

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?
I love to bake! I’m a sucker for a new recipe . I also really enjoy traveling … it’s my new obsession! My next trip I plan on is to Greece. Learning about new cultures is just so humbling and interesting to me.

3. Favorite clients from the biz?
All of them! ❤️

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?
A major goal of mine is to get into Latina magazine and represent for the Latin American community! It would be cool to represent “high end” brands like Versace or Gucci as a plus size woman… really be a trailblazer! Dreams can happen – hehe.

img_9129 done.jpg

I would also love to work with an athletic brand like Nike.. really show the world how us thick girls can get down and dirty in the fitness world.

5. Career highlights?
By far meeting with the team of Lane Bryant! I also think at the beginning of it all… being a social media influencer for brands like Fashion Nova and Xehar Curvy really was fun and helped jumpstart my career through social media… it was so cool seeing my face all over the internet for the first time.

6. How did you get into modeling or acting?
By accident! I went to a fashion event and they thought I was one of the models in the show … from there many photographers ask to shoot me .. the rest is history!

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 4.21.32 PM.png


We are happy to announce the birth of a new company, Malissa Young Mgmt, currently representing some of Bicoastal Mgmt’s strongest actors for Film, TV and Theater, founded by none other than, you guessed it, our Founder, Malissa Young!

For those Casting Directors who work with Breakdown Services, please keep an eye out for submissions from Malissa Young Management for your latest projects! Here are just a few of our actors we are proud to work with!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And see Zebedee Row’s reel here!


Model of the Month – Jason Steel

We’re so happy to have the versatile Jason as our September Model of the Month. From being the perfect 32/M fit model, to booking editorials, commercials, and print, there’s not much Jason can’t do! Continue reading to learn more about Jason:

1. Where you are from?


I’m from Westchester, New York.

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

I’m into art. I love to sketch on my iPad or paper – mostly portraits. I also love anything fitness-related – the beach, swimming, training, skateboarding, snow boarding, all of it!

3. Favorite clients from the biz?

My favorite client has been Versace they booked me really often – sometimes twice a day – and they always had a full kitchen 😍


4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?

I would love to work with Diesel or H&M, something where my face would be everywhere for a while – that would be dope.

5. Career highlights?

Being featured in Paper magazine was definitely a career highlight. Love their style and the article they wrote.

6. How did you get into modeling or acting?

I had a lot of friends who were modeling at the time and they kept saying I could do it too, so I submitted everywhere and Elite Miami signed me and got me signed in New York.


So proud of our models and to participate in NYFW again – check out a few highlights below!

Model of the Month: Susanna M.

Our August Model of the Month is the gorgeous and multi-talented Susanna! Continue reading to learn more about Susanna, where she comes from, and everything about her – from her volunteer work to her career highlights!

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.54.56 PM.png

1. Where you are from?

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Romulus, NY, a small town in the Finger Lakes. My family had goats and chickens, and I walked barefoot as much as possible. That’s where my carefree spirit comes from. I imagine I’ll want proper land and a garden one day, but until then, Manhattan is my lady.


2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

I’m a 200hr, certified yoga teacher at Yoga to the People. I had spinal fusion surgery a year and a half ago to correct my scoliosis, so it’s a priority for me to stay limber. You’re only as young as the health of your spine.

I’ve also begun dipping my toes in the comedic world. I enjoyed taking an improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade and now perform stand-up at open mics here and there to push myself. I like the immediate feedback of a crowd. Stand-up provides a strong lesson in detachment because whatever happens on that stage, roaring laughter or complete silence, you don’t let it get to you.

My newest passion is volunteering as a counselor for an incredible organization called the Crisis Text Line. Anyone in the US can text HOME to 741741 to receive free, 24/7 text support through their moment of crisis. As my career progresses, I aim to continue using my voice to speak openly about mental health and remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

In my free time, I like to read, unwind in bathhouses, catch as many movies and Broadway shows as I can, and taste my way through New York’s restaurant scene. I see food as one of the biggest blessings in life. In a world with unlimited time, I’d go to culinary school.

3. Favorite clients from the biz?

L’Oréal, AWAY, Fanta, Ann Taylor, Bande Noir, Eleven Bexley.

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?

To name a few, I’d love to represent Covergirl, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, Chloe and Calvin Klein. I hope to become bicoastal, splitting my time between New York and Los Angeles, and travel around the world for my work. I see myself continuing to model, act, perform comedy, and eventually, host television shows. My career idols are Tyra Banks and Ellen Degeneres.

5. Career highlights?

I was born on Christmas, and I view each day as a gift. However, I recently spotted myself on Vogue Italia’s website. That was an “extra nice” gift.

6. How did you get into modeling or acting?

DSC_9714-Edit 2.jpg

My story has been a mix of conventional paths and unexpected choices. I come from a family of academics and entertainers. I graduated from Princeton with a degree in sociology and a minor in creative writing and gender/sexuality studies. I then spent two years working on Wall Street, before I drummed up the courage to pursue entertainment. In hindsight, it all makes sense. I now aim to continually ask myself what I would do if I wasn’t afraid, and then go do that thing. Lean into the discomfort.

My draw to modeling stems from a deep love of posing and expression that began in childhood. I have a seven-foot mirror in my apartment where I practice. I want to draw you in and then push you away. I hope that my photos make you feel something.

I view acting as an exercise in empathy. If I understand the character, maybe I can portray them in a way that feels true, and then maybe you can connect with them, too. I’ve always been fascinated by and sought to try on as many lifestyles as possible. It helps my art and provides stories for the eventual grandkids.