November Model of the Month – Alex C.

We are so excited to have the super-experienced fit and commercial/print model, Alex C, as our November Model of the Month. Starting at age 13 has given her many years of experience in modeling and interest in fashion design, and this current New Yorker Alex has now fit for some incredible brands that she herself has been a long time wearer of!

Continue reading more to learn more about Alex’s interesting hobbies, career goals, and favorite fit clients.

  1. Where are you from?

    Originally, I am from Bel Air, Maryland, but currently live in New York.
  2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

    I love to paint, run, hike, and horseback ride (English). I also really enjoy yoga & I have recently learned Integrated Energy Therapy. I study Psychology at University of Maryland Global Campus & plan to have a therapy practice soon.
  3. Favorite clients from the biz?

    My favorites are definitely Rag & Bone and Alice & Olivia! All of their clothing is the style I would wear personally on a day to day basis and I own so many of their pieces already.
  4. Dreams/goals anything else of interest?

    My other dream clients are Berta & Zimmerman.
  5. Career highlights? 

    I’d have to say that landing Alice & Olivia was so exciting. I wear all of their clothes so it was a perfect fit for me, and an awesome full circle moment!
  6. How did you get into fit modeling?

    My good friend Nancy introduced me because I was always doing showroom & she was fitting. I met one client and really loved it from the start. I always had interest in design and the technical side because of sewing costume dresses with my mother growing up. 🙂

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