Fashion Model of the Month – Eric Chong

 We are excited to announce our star, Eric, as our January Model of the Month. This NYC native has a promising career ahead of her whether it be in modeling or as a DJ, Eric puts his all into anything he develops a passion for. Continue reading to find out more about Eric’s modeling journey and much more!

1. Where you are from?

I was born in New York City to Korean parents. Although I have made significants stops in Nevada and California.

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

I’m one of those geeks that dive completely into an interest as soon as I feel inspiration. It’s like I almost become married to it for a few months then go off and find my next interest. My first love was the work of J.R.R Tolkien, I even have one of his poems tattooed on my back in Elvish.  My second love had to be combat sports- I think their something primal and meditative about collision sports. Most importantly I have always been into music, DJing for almost many years and being an affiliate engineer for Ruff Ryders Entertainment. I would remake beats live with vinyl and turntables for a live hip hop band. I also spent a lot of time interning for different music studios in LA and also was a Sous Chef at a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan. Eventually I quit everything to become the next Batman or Joker (haven’t decided yet).

img-kiss-the-crown_191306155208-763x10003. Favorite clients from the biz? 

All of them! I think every small or large job is in support of a larger creative vision. It is always a privilege to contribute to a project greater than myself. A memorable one would be my campaign with MAC Cosmetics, it was pretty surreal because it was the first time I saw myself in a physical store. I don’t think I will forget my most recent job with Nike as it was my first time having my travel and lodge covered by a client and I got to meet many kindred spirits.

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?

My sincere ideal is to simply go where I am most valuable, no matter where that may be. I would love to get a feature in GQ or Vogue. I have recently rediscovered my Asian heritage and it’s become a bit of a dream to work in South Korea. Working for clients like Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana and ASOS would be great since I’ve spent countless dollars on them haha!

5. Career highlights?

My career highlights are the ones I get to keep enjoying. The people I have met have been some of the most passionate and interesting humans; those with uniqueness who want to change the world. I am almost certain I have met most of my lifelong friends through this industry.

6. How did you get into modeling ?

I was actually trying to DJ for a charity fashion show where the proceeds were going to victims of homelessness and child sex trafficking. As a former homeless youth I was dying to be a part of this. Ends up that they were short on models and they asked me to model. I initially hesitated because I wasn’t highly confident in my physical appearance. I ended up walking the show and that lead to meeting photographers, doing shoots and eventually being scouted. I made sure not to walk into it with idealizations or “me-centric” intentions. I just want to keep enjoying the story as it unfolds.


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