Model of the Month: Susanna M.

Our August Model of the Month is the gorgeous and multi-talented Susanna! Continue reading to learn more about Susanna, where she comes from, and everything about her – from her volunteer work to her career highlights!

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.54.56 PM.png

1. Where you are from?

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Romulus, NY, a small town in the Finger Lakes. My family had goats and chickens, and I walked barefoot as much as possible. That’s where my carefree spirit comes from. I imagine I’ll want proper land and a garden one day, but until then, Manhattan is my lady.


2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

I’m a 200hr, certified yoga teacher at Yoga to the People. I had spinal fusion surgery a year and a half ago to correct my scoliosis, so it’s a priority for me to stay limber. You’re only as young as the health of your spine.

I’ve also begun dipping my toes in the comedic world. I enjoyed taking an improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade and now perform stand-up at open mics here and there to push myself. I like the immediate feedback of a crowd. Stand-up provides a strong lesson in detachment because whatever happens on that stage, roaring laughter or complete silence, you don’t let it get to you.

My newest passion is volunteering as a counselor for an incredible organization called the Crisis Text Line. Anyone in the US can text HOME to 741741 to receive free, 24/7 text support through their moment of crisis. As my career progresses, I aim to continue using my voice to speak openly about mental health and remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

In my free time, I like to read, unwind in bathhouses, catch as many movies and Broadway shows as I can, and taste my way through New York’s restaurant scene. I see food as one of the biggest blessings in life. In a world with unlimited time, I’d go to culinary school.

3. Favorite clients from the biz?

L’Oréal, AWAY, Fanta, Ann Taylor, Bande Noir, Eleven Bexley.

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any other dream clients?)?

To name a few, I’d love to represent Covergirl, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, Chloe and Calvin Klein. I hope to become bicoastal, splitting my time between New York and Los Angeles, and travel around the world for my work. I see myself continuing to model, act, perform comedy, and eventually, host television shows. My career idols are Tyra Banks and Ellen Degeneres.

5. Career highlights?

I was born on Christmas, and I view each day as a gift. However, I recently spotted myself on Vogue Italia’s website. That was an “extra nice” gift.

6. How did you get into modeling or acting?

DSC_9714-Edit 2.jpg

My story has been a mix of conventional paths and unexpected choices. I come from a family of academics and entertainers. I graduated from Princeton with a degree in sociology and a minor in creative writing and gender/sexuality studies. I then spent two years working on Wall Street, before I drummed up the courage to pursue entertainment. In hindsight, it all makes sense. I now aim to continually ask myself what I would do if I wasn’t afraid, and then go do that thing. Lean into the discomfort.

My draw to modeling stems from a deep love of posing and expression that began in childhood. I have a seven-foot mirror in my apartment where I practice. I want to draw you in and then push you away. I hope that my photos make you feel something.

I view acting as an exercise in empathy. If I understand the character, maybe I can portray them in a way that feels true, and then maybe you can connect with them, too. I’ve always been fascinated by and sought to try on as many lifestyles as possible. It helps my art and provides stories for the eventual grandkids.


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