With the many changes happening around here, we thought we’d update you all!

  • We moved offices! We are now in the heart of the Garment District (1385 Broadway, corner of 38th and Broadway). It’s exciting to be in middle of things, feel free to stop by and say hi!
    Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 1.51.35 PM.png
  • We are losing our dear Alex! She has decided to take a different path and go back to nursing school, so please join us in relishing the last couple of weeks we have with her! During her time here she has become a treasured friend and colleague to us all, she will be missed!
  • On that note, we have a new team member who has joined us and is currently training to be our new catch-all assistant/booker, Chrissy! Please join us in warmly welcoming her to the Bicoastal family!
    IMG_0487 2.jpg
  • Angel got married! See a photo here of the Bicoastal team with the newlyweds!
team photo

(from left to right) Malissa, Alex, Brandon, Angel, Alfredo, Jessica and Josh

  • Continuing to develop our Fashion board and growth, we brought on Karem Belalcazar for consulting purposes – she’s a former partner at Request and current owner at KB Artist Group. We are excited to work with her on our team!Karem Belalcazar

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