Lorna on Huffington Post!

Our very own LornaLitz had recently sat down with the Huffington Post to discuss Body Image and her overall experience as a model. Embracing her curves meant embracing herself; She is the perfect model to aspire to be. She is fun, fierce and most importantly FABULOUS!!


Here is an excerpt from her interview:

prettybeauty.JPGFeeling like an outsider in the fashion world drove Lornalitz to some pretty unhealthy behavior in her teens. “Starting at the age of 12, I began exercising obsessively and drinking diet teas and/or diet pills, starting down that path towards an unhealthy lifestyle. I was trying to fit in.”

By the time she reached the age of 15-16, Lornalitz’s extreme diet and fitness habits had escalated into a full-blown eating disorder. “I reached my smallest size, size 2, in high school. I remember going to a fitting for NY fashion week, with a big-time designer who I won’t name. I put on the garment and it fit perfectly, but the designer felt like it needed to be looser around the hips,” she recalls.

….. Click HERE to keep reading



You can follow her on Instagram: @lornalitz,  Twitter: LornaLitz, Facebook: Lorna Litz


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