Selena, creator of Manik Magazine discusses #NYFWPlus!

This week we had the opportunity to sit and chat with Selena, creator and editor of Manik Magazine! She discusses how she got into the business and what motivated her to start her own very successful magazine. Not only did she create Manik Magazine, but she helped create New York Fashion Week Plus; a platform to connect all those in the plus size fashion industry. Even some of our very own Bicoastal models will be apart of the event! See below of our models attending 🙂 Also, check out for more details!

  1. So how did you get started?
    The core idea of NYFW Plus was birthed by Brandee Joyner- Executive Editor/ Co-Publisher of Manik Mag and myself. We were brainstorming on how to elevate plus-size fashion, out of frustration- understanding that plus-size designers aren’t well respected and plus-size women have a lot more fashion options than they think. We were trying to think of a way that could bring awareness to plus-size designers by creating a platform that would connect plus-size designers to celebrity stylists, fashion editors, plus-size celebrities, and merchandise coordinators. These are the people that influence change
  2. What motivated you?
    Plus-size celebrities on the red carpet doing an injustice to themselves, plus-size consumers not being aware of their fashion options, and the fact that brands like Target and H&M overlook plus-size designers to collaborate with for plus-size collections.
  3. What are you most excited about for this year? This year, we’re all excited about the new changes we’re bringing to the plus-size fashion and modeling industry through Manik Magazine and NYFW Plus. With Manik Magazine doing more outreach; targeting influencers beyond the “plus-size community” bringing more awareness to plus-size designers, models, and the overall plus-size subculture and NYFW Plus connecting plus-size designers with key fashion influencers we’re looking to see a revolution in plus-size fashion and nothing beats the feeling of taking steps in the right direction toward building a lasting legacy.

Bicoastal MGMT models presenting in NYFW Plus:

Desiree Jenkins


Stephanie Patent


Laura Lee


Stephanie Mallick


Malissa Dean


Rebecca Ballister


Ericka Bessette

Erica B lingere 2

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