BICOASTAL MGMT talent Marissa in “Romeo and Juliet”


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 3.20.24 PMHow did you get started in this career?
I started performing at a very young age. My entire childhood revolved around dance shows and local theater productions. I was hooked! I never wanted to stop.

Tell us how doing this play was different than any others?
Romeo and Juliet is a story everyone knows so well. Because there are so many famous scenes and phrases that are quoted so often, it definitely comes with a responsibility. That being said, getting the opportunity to plug my own voice into Juliet and explore her character even beyond my previous knowledge has been such an adventure. Furthermore, witnessing the other amazing actors in the cast breathing their own voices into each of the iconic characters is not only inspirational, but also gratifying.

Have you ever done a Shakespeare play before?
This is my first full length Shakespeare! Romeo and Juliet has always been one 0f my favorites and to get to play Juliet is such a life marker for me.

How is doing a sexual/sensual scene in front of a live audience?IMG_2100
VERY different. I’d done similar scenes for film before and I thought it was going to be a similar feeling, but opening night proved me wrong— I felt so strange while I was doing it. By the second night, I was a lot more comfortable, I knew what to expect and prepped myself for it.

Any funny/interesting moments from your experience there?
In this version of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet have a love making scene after they get married, and my dress comes off. Romeo and I hadn’t rehearsed putting my dress back on before opening night— how hard is it to put a dress on, right? Well, opening night, we could’t get my dress back on! I kept putting my arms into the wrong holes and got stuck in the lining. The play only experienced a brief lull as we struggled to get the dress back on, but it felt like centuries. Thankfully, I was eventually clothed again and the scene continued smoothly 🙂

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