Interview with Bicoastal Model and Muay Thai Fighter- Joe Hassett


How/when did you get started?
One of the models came in to my job (at Tommy Hilfiger) and I asked him how he got into shape and he said Muay Thai- so that’s when I started. This was in 2008.


How long did you train before you had to participate? 
About 5 years

Most exciting fight memory?
Winning my first fight was definitely my most exciting memory- the kid i fought the first time broke his foot and was puking after the fight was over. I’m not sure if you should include that in the interview or not.

Is it ever scary?
I’ve jumped out of a plane before, and for me, stepping into the ring is 10 times scarier- it is easily the most rewarding and nerve wracking thing I’ve ever done.

Do you feel like the skill and affects of training transmute into your daily life?
It does makes me feel healthier and more confident walking down the street-  and I certainly always feel safe in a crowd.

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