Model of the Month- Arika Larson

So excited that Bicoastal beauty Arika is our June Model of the Month! Continue reading to learn more about one of our most up and coming fit model:


1. Where you are from?

ARIKA245I’m from Kansas City– actually a little suburb on the Kansas side.
2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

I moved to New York almost three years ago because I’m a playwright, and wanted to pursue that, and had always wanted to live here. I write plays, poems, and have just started writing short films. I’m also a dancer, I love great coffee, and I speak Italian.
3. Favorite clients from the biz?

My favorite client right now is Rebecca Taylor! Everyone there is really lovely, and the clothes are so ethereal.
4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest (any dream clients?)?

My main goal in all of life, and this may sound hippie dippy but whatever, is to be happy and to make people laugh. Anything else is just a bonus. In terms of the business, I really would just like to work enough so that I’m comfortable and have lots of time to write and explore. I wear like 82% J. Crew, so it would be awesome to fit for them… or it could be really problematic!

ARIKA0855. Career highlights?

Always the people I meet. Great, wonderful, hilarious dynamic people. And the camaraderie that almost instantly emerges on any shoot, fit or project I go on.
6. How did you get into modeling or acting?

I had previously done some commercial and print in Kansas City, but Malissa just walked up to me at the restaurant where I used to wait tables, and that was my introduction to fit and my avenue into the NY business. So happy to be repped by Bicoastal MGMT. They’re so professional and still totally chill.

Interview with Bicoastal Model and Muay Thai Fighter- Joe Hassett


How/when did you get started?
One of the models came in to my job (at Tommy Hilfiger) and I asked him how he got into shape and he said Muay Thai- so that’s when I started. This was in 2008.


How long did you train before you had to participate? 
About 5 years

Most exciting fight memory?
Winning my first fight was definitely my most exciting memory- the kid i fought the first time broke his foot and was puking after the fight was over. I’m not sure if you should include that in the interview or not.

Is it ever scary?
I’ve jumped out of a plane before, and for me, stepping into the ring is 10 times scarier- it is easily the most rewarding and nerve wracking thing I’ve ever done.

Do you feel like the skill and affects of training transmute into your daily life?
It does makes me feel healthier and more confident walking down the street-  and I certainly always feel safe in a crowd.

A Guide to Farmer’s Markets: The Why, Where and How to Shop Them by Bicoastal Model- Maria Marlowe


Why to Shop Farmer’s Market

1. Taste: There is seriously no comparison in taste between farmer’s market produce and grocery store produce. I mean, just look at this strawberry! farmers market strawberry Have you ever seen anything this juicy ruby red? Grocery store strawberries are typically white in side, which means not only are they not as delicious, they are not as nutritious either. Hello, antioxidants! 2. Nutrition: Farmer’s market produce is typically either picked the morning of or night before the market. That means it is picked at its peak ripeness, which is also when it tastes the best and contains the most nutrients. Grocery store produce is often picked weeks before it is is ripe and will sit on trucks, in warehouses, and on grocery store shelves for days or weeks before it makes it to your home. Nutrients typically start declining after food is picked. 3. Seasonal: Since Farmer’s Markets only sell goods from local farms, typically within a 100 mile radius or so, you’ll only be offered foods that are in season at the time. While the modern grocery store gives us access to any food at any time (think watermelon in NY in December), there are benefits to eating seasonally. Food is information for our body. A juicy melon will cool our body down, perfect for a hot summer day, while a hearty beet, which is typically cooked, will warm our body up on a cold winter day. Eating seasonally keeps your body in sync with nature.

What do they Sell at Farmer’s Markets?

While it will vary from market to market, decent markets will sell a variety of fresh, local, seasonal produce, as well as dairy, eggs, meat, and even fish. Sometimes you’ll also find local baked goods. …to read more about this, click here and make sure to follow Maria on Instagram @maria_marlowe


Happy (almost) Summer!

Nothing screams summer quite like these new photos of Bicoastal model Katherine Cozumel for European Wax Center! These photos definitely make us wish our office was in a park, but at least working with Katherine and this team is always such a breeze!





To keep up with Katherine and the rest of her commercial bookings, make sure to follow her on Instagram: @kcozumel