Model of the Month- Alex Ferrara!

Plus - Alexandra Ferrara

We are so happy to have the multi-talented Bicoastal beauty Alex F as our Model of the Month for May! Continue reading for more details about this super sweet super star:

1. Where yPlus - Alexandra Ferraraou are from?

I’m originally from St. Louis, MO

2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?

In addition to being a model I’m also an actress and singer. I graduated with a degree in Musical Theatre and have a background in professional Theater! I’m incredibly passionate about music, especially new musicals. My favorite thing to do in NYC is see live music and I also love yoga.

3. Favorite clients from the biz?

Favorite/recent clients- Cate McNabb Cosmetics, JouJou Jeans, and more!

4. Dreams/goals any thing else of interest-feel free to tell the world about (any other dream clients?)?

I would LOVE to walk in a runway show and an all time dream client of mine is Marina Rinaldi.

5. Career highlights?Plus - Alexandra Ferrara

Career Highlights- shooting a feature for Plus Model Magazine and shooting with amazing photographers like Fiona Melder, Shawn Ehlers, and Nikki Gomez.

6. How did you get into modeling?

While pursuing an acting career in NYC, I became very inspired by the change that was happening in the fashion industry as I started seeing more and more beautiful, curvy women in magazines. I was particularly inspired by models Myla Dalbesio and Jennie Runk. A friend of mine mentioned that I might have the right proportions to be a plus model so I decided to go to an agency open call and I was signed immediately by my first agent!
Plus - Alexandra Ferrara

Interview with Lidia Z. of Stylingon!

We are so excited to get the inside scoop from stylist Lidia Z. Continue reading to learn more about what her job entails and what clients look for in models!
Lidia (3) (1)

1. Tell us about your biz!

StylingOn is styling agency, as well as, an online platform for stylists to offer personal styling services to people. We have a nationwide presence, and refer clients to stylists in our network regularly.

2. What makes a model most bookable to you?

When I look at the model’s portfolio, I look for pictures to stand out and “wow” me. I should also see consistency in the model’s work, as this will give me confidence that when I book this model, she/he will know exactly how to work the photo shoot.

Models need to be confident, and know how to get into the mental state of modeling the collection he / she is presenting. I can clearly see the difference in a picture when the model is comfortable and confident, and those tend to be the best shots.

3. What advice do you have for models to hone their skills?

Practice and build your portfolio. Work with different photographers to become more comfortable and confidant when on set to learn how to adapt working with different people and styles.

Practice will make ‘you’ perfect. The key is for the model to develop a signature style, which will be your brand. Your brand, as any brand, will grow if it’s consistent, unique, and presented in the most professional way.

Also, be selective of the jobs you take, because you want to make sure you are associated with quality brands. This will strengthen your own personal branding.

4. Anything you want to add?

You have to LOVE this, and have a passion for modeling. This will take a lot of hard work, and there’s really no short cuts. But if you do have this passion, you WILL be dedicated and persistent. Persistency is key to achieving success, you just need to keep trying and not give up.

NYFW with Stephen J.

Bicoastal Model, Stephen Jabaut, wrote this hilariously honest piece about his first runway experience at the AMCONYC NYFW Show, see below:

Modeling is for the thick skinned. You face a lot of rejection and judgment in this line of work. That is the point of the work; sometimes you are right for something and sometimes you are wrong. When you can free yourself from the idea that the best person gets it, you are liberated. The truth is that the model who best fits what your client needs, gets it. Often times, you will be put up against a bunch of doppelgangers (evil-twins) for the same job and you need to stand out to book it. These have been my struggles in attempting to be a New York City model for the past several years.

I wont lie. I started this venture in an attempt to validate my own vanity. I wanted to see if I was good-looking enough to make it. The more I learn however, the more I realize that looks are subjective and have almost no bearing on whether or not you will book a job. I am now under the impression that looks are an illusion that we put up when measuring another person’s worth. I have been able to do certain things to give others the impression that I am worth it, that I am valuable, that I am a model.

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