Lights, Camera, Action!

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.31.42 AMimage1

Our model and talent Kara Rosella is too cool not to talk about!  She has recently taken TV & film by storm as a stunt woman, continue reading to see more details..

How did you get into stunts?
Well, to be totally honest, it was being at the right place at the right time — plus the fact that I was an NCAA gymnast for the University of Michigan. That gave me the athletic foundation to build on. The gymnastics combined with my current training of boxing and martial arts has provided just the beginning of my stuntwork. Soon up on the to do list — stunt driving school!

What is your favorite stunt experience story?
I don’t have a crazy personal story just yet to share, but I will! But what I find most interesting is everyone else’s stunt stories . From jumping off high buildings, to getting set on fire, rolling and flipping cars, to breaking through glass — it all takes focus, hard work, strength, training, and courage.  I am beyond impressed with the people I have met thus far in the stunt community. And thankful to be a apart of it.

Favorite shows to work on?
So far, a new NBC show Allegiance, The Odyssey; Mysteries of Laura. Soon up — Person of Interest.

We are so proud of you, Kara! Keep up the great work! 

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