Model of the Month-Laura Lee!


Photo: Stanley Debas

We met this stunning new face thanks to the recommendation of Shanda Freeman (Creative Director of Manik Magazine).  From the beginning we were certain that Laura Lee had a bright future a head of her.  Almost immediately she has been impressing clients with her professionalism and talent!  In September of 2014 Laura Lee was one of the finalist in the Plus Night Out model search and has gone on to book clients like Ashley Stewart!

1. Where you are from?
I was born in Jersey, grew up in California and in Cartagena Colombia. I’m a proud mutt, half Venezuelan and part Dutch, English, Norwegian and German.
2. What you are into… studies, hobbies, special skills etc..?
Besides modeling, I am a graphic designer for a wine company in Jersey and I have my own little graphics freelance company on the side… When you love what you do, its not a job. Traveling is a must, you get to experience new cultures, new sites and I need the beach in my life.
3. Favorite clients from the biz?
My favorite clients so far are Ashley Stewart and Funky Soul Denim. Both companies have taught me so much in such a short time and the people are fabulous to work with.
4. What are your career goals and dreams? 
I just want it to never end! I want to inspire others like many have inspired me. My goal is to not stop, to keeping pushing forward and not let anything get in my way.
5. Career highlights?
Each day is better than the next… But my most memorable moment so far, was when I signed with my agency. It was the moment I thought would never happen, the dream was there a signature away, and it was the moment I knew I BETTER WERQ! lol That feeling is like no other. A year ago today, I would have never thought id be were I am.
6. How did you get into modeling?
For years my family and friends have told me to go for it, but fear, insecurities and a whole list of other things held me back. Then one say i got a little inspiration from a stranger, and that was all it took, that little push. I submitted some pictures of a photoshoot I had done with some friends into a contest I saw on Instagram and now I’m here.


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