Model of the Month-XingKai Wu!

XK HS PurpleRed copy

Where are you from? 

1) Originally from San Francisco California, I was studying to be an Emergency Room

Physician. However, I discovered my passion for the entertainment industry and never

looked back.

What you are into..special skills, hobbies etc?

2) Performing is what makes my life meaningful. When not on set, I can be found learning

new skills, participating in contests, and integrating dances/martial arts into a single

performance. (I love Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson). I also spend the majority of my

time writing e-books/websites and giving seminars to students on how to break into the

entertainment industry.

Favorite clients from the biz?

3) My favorite clients are the ones that I share a memorable experience with.

Dreams/goals anything else of interest?

4) Other than working on high profile projects for modeling and acting, my dream is to

create a meaningful modeling/acting community where talents support and inspire each

other. That is why I dedicate a lot of my time in documenting my adventures. 😀

What are some of your career highlights?

a. Receiving the opportunity to play as my role model James Bond- Editorial

b. Becoming a hand model for HP and having the last laugh over high school bullies (who used to make fun of my pretty girly hands)

c. Modeling for Armani. Armani Code is my favorite cologne.

d. Novartis was a pharmaceutical company that I used to work for.

e. I used to go to the Cache Creek Casino and play blackjack with my grandpa. We

were unofficially kicked out of the casino for counting cards. A few years later I

booked a print ad for them and the ad turned into a billboard.

g. Visiting Hong Kong for the first time to visit my short term girlfriend and despite our break up staying  3 months and

participating in Asian model competitions, winning 2 gold metals, Mr. Talent award,

and representing Hong Kong at a major Malaysia media event.

h. Booking a meaningful role on the show “Orange is the new Black” playing a tough and kooky character who went from knifing his enemy to explaining the “moonwalk” in Chinese.

How did u get into modeling?

6) Modeling was something that found me. My friend and I received an opportunity to

meet with a modeling agent who was visiting San Francisco. I have never thought I

could be a model and yet here’s this professional who said I had potential- I just needed

to lose at least 10 lbs. This realization became an obsession of mine. And all it took

was one person who sincerely believed in me. This is why I often visit high schools to

promote this career and give them a rare behind the scenes look.

How did u get into acting?

7) I was always interested in Acting and hosting. Ever since I was little, I made short films

and was even featured on Yahoo Front page. However, I had to force my reluctant and

shy friends to act in my films. When I eventually acted for school plays, I learned so

much about myself and my personality that I started to use it as a platform to grow.

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