Model of the Month-XingKai Wu!

XK HS PurpleRed copy

Where are you from? 

1) Originally from San Francisco California, I was studying to be an Emergency Room

Physician. However, I discovered my passion for the entertainment industry and never

looked back.

What you are into..special skills, hobbies etc?

2) Performing is what makes my life meaningful. When not on set, I can be found learning

new skills, participating in contests, and integrating dances/martial arts into a single

performance. (I love Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson). I also spend the majority of my

time writing e-books/websites and giving seminars to students on how to break into the

entertainment industry.

Favorite clients from the biz?

3) My favorite clients are the ones that I share a memorable experience with.

Dreams/goals anything else of interest?

4) Other than working on high profile projects for modeling and acting, my dream is to

create a meaningful modeling/acting community where talents support and inspire each

other. That is why I dedicate a lot of my time in documenting my adventures. 😀

What are some of your career highlights?

a. Receiving the opportunity to play as my role model James Bond- Editorial

b. Becoming a hand model for HP and having the last laugh over high school bullies (who used to make fun of my pretty girly hands)

c. Modeling for Armani. Armani Code is my favorite cologne.

d. Novartis was a pharmaceutical company that I used to work for.

e. I used to go to the Cache Creek Casino and play blackjack with my grandpa. We

were unofficially kicked out of the casino for counting cards. A few years later I

booked a print ad for them and the ad turned into a billboard.

g. Visiting Hong Kong for the first time to visit my short term girlfriend and despite our break up staying  3 months and

participating in Asian model competitions, winning 2 gold metals, Mr. Talent award,

and representing Hong Kong at a major Malaysia media event.

h. Booking a meaningful role on the show “Orange is the new Black” playing a tough and kooky character who went from knifing his enemy to explaining the “moonwalk” in Chinese.

How did u get into modeling?

6) Modeling was something that found me. My friend and I received an opportunity to

meet with a modeling agent who was visiting San Francisco. I have never thought I

could be a model and yet here’s this professional who said I had potential- I just needed

to lose at least 10 lbs. This realization became an obsession of mine. And all it took

was one person who sincerely believed in me. This is why I often visit high schools to

promote this career and give them a rare behind the scenes look.

How did u get into acting?

7) I was always interested in Acting and hosting. Ever since I was little, I made short films

and was even featured on Yahoo Front page. However, I had to force my reluctant and

shy friends to act in my films. When I eventually acted for school plays, I learned so

much about myself and my personality that I started to use it as a platform to grow.

Bicoastal Babes Here… There and Everywhere!

Bicoastal’s Commercial Division is growing leaps and bounds! Don’t be too surprised if you spot a familiar face on T.V. one night!  Our Bicoastal Babes are popping up all of the place! Here are just a few commercials you may have seen in the past few weeks!

Heidi Klum/Breast Cancer Awareness

Starring Bicoastal Beauty: Jessica Park


American Association of Orthodontists

Bicoastal Talent: Katherine Cozumel

Cozumel, Katherine-017-Edit

And the ever so popular: Ryan Black!


Bicoastal Welcomes Angel!

With the leaves changing and falling off the trees, Fall is a season of change!  What better way to celebrate change than to welcome a new member to our ever growing Bicoastal Family.  Please welcome Angel to Bicoastal!  She has joined us after a few month internship with us. She is joining our team as our amazing new assistant booker.  We are so happy to have her on board!  She has already proven to be a valuable member of our team and a super quick learner!



Model Of the Month-Abeba Davis

0068_9x12_300 2

Where are you from?
I am originally from Kingston, Jamaica.

What you are into..special skills, hobbies etc?
I’m really into sports! I’m very competitive and I played sports for almost all my life. Since I was 5 I ran track and field, I played soccer, field hockey and netball(Caribbean basketball lol).  I’m also fascinated by the culinary world, I love to cook it’s so relaxing to me and to watch friends and family eat my food gives me sense of Joy.

Favorite clients from the biz?
I’ve worked with so many different clients from different countries and genres of the business but I most loved working with BeyoncĂ© and Tina Knowles when they had the House of Dereon clothing line, I was their fit model, showroom model, look book model and Ad campaign model..basically their model but I loved mostly the fact that they treated me like family especially “Tina aka mama Knowles” as how we liked to call her.

Dreams/goals anything else of interest?
My dream/ goal is to have my own all female sports talks how which is in the works as we speak so look out for it!

What are some of your career highlights?
Landing a role on ABC’s “The Unusual’s” it got canceled but it ran for a few episodes lol, being the face of a huge Japanese clothing line ‘LB-03’ for two seasons in a row and seeing my face on jumbo trons and billboards all over Tokyo. Being a VJ for MTV tempo(Caribbean version) working with Tess Giberson and Barbie. Walking in NY Fashion week and the list goes on.

How did u get into modeling?
I was on my way home from school and got scouted at the bus stop my 2nd year being in New York.

Plus Night Out 2014

Our stunning plus size models walked the runway at this years Plus Night Out. We were honored to sponsor such a great event and welcome Model Search Winner Wema Enofe to the Bicoastal Models Family!


For full coverage go to Curvysta Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.37.59 PMModel Search Winner: Wema Enofe

   Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 2.26.29 PM     Bicoastal Models Founder and CEO: Malissa Young

Great Video of Bicoastal Babe: Stacie J.

When she walked in our office we knew it would be just a matter of time till Stacie’s career takes off. Two months and several repeat clients later and this model’s career is now in full flight with no sign of slowing down!


Special Thank you to Photographer/Videographer: Matt Ramirez-

Stylist: Emily DeSimone

For Bookings:

Model Musings and More!



Not only do we have some stunning models but our models aren’t all looks, they are brains and talent too!  This month, inspirational Bicoastal Model,  Joselyn Martinez has contributed a book review of the motivational book “The Artist Way” by: Julia Cameron.


“We like to pretend it is hard to follow our heart’s dreams. The truth is, it is difficult to avoid walking through the many doors that will open. Turn aside your dream and it will come back to you again and a second mysterious door will swing open.” -Julia Cameron.

Yay. I am reading the Artist’s Way again! Written by Julia Cameron; it is one of my favorite books. I first heard about this book through my writer friend, Erasmo Guerra. We met at an office job I had way back during college years.He told me how much he liked the book and I purchased it in in May of 2004. I just realized that was ten years ago. It changed my life. Many times between college classes, work and unfortunately TV, I caught myself saying things like: “I want to take Salsa Lessons” (I think everyone says that one) or, I want to “try Yoga one day….