Professional Point of View

Modeling tips from Hana & LaCruz

One. HAVE FUN! Really! We have shot hundreds of models, and always get the best photos out of the ones whom are enjoying themselves. That’s because candid shots look the great, because they’re REAL! You can usually tell when a models’ smile is real or when it’s posed. So relax, and enjoy your shoot gorgeous people!



Bicoastal Model: Hallie Wage


Two. Communication is key, even in photo shoots. When models communicate with their photographers,  and vice versa, it is always beneficial. Before your shoot, try to talk in as much detail as possible with your photographer. That way the whole team is on the same page and is ready to shoot! And also, models, if you need direction be sure to ask. It’s better to ask if a pose or movement you’re doing looks okay on camera than it is to second guess yourself, your expression will show in the photo! So again, communication is a necessity!

Three. Numerous people have said it, because it’s true….sometimes the sillier you feel, the better it looks! Which translated means…don’t just pose, MOVE! At some point in all of our shoots we will have models jump, twirl, walk, leap, dance, sing, you name it. Because as Arizona Muse said, modeling really is just silent acting. More often than not, you can’t expect to just stand in front of the camera in a single pose and expression and the result to be awesome, shots. Think about what you’re wearing in your shoot. If it’s a fitness shot, pose and move your body and face as if you’re actually working out.



Bicoastal Model: Alexandra Rogerson


Four. We’re sure it sounds redundant but….PRACTICE IN THE MIRROR! Sometimes the slightest tilt of the chin can make a photo an amazing one. It’s good to take some time to practice your expressions and movements in a mirror, that way you can become more familiar with your expressions and be more confident during your shoots!



Bicoastal Model: Alexandra B.


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