Body Beautiful

By: Homa Hynes

Summer is upon us!  If you have been sitting in bed watching Game of Thrones and eating junk food for too many nights in a row, now is the time to shape up!  Here are a few tips to help you get sexy for summer:

1. First thing you do in the morning: Drink a big glass of water!  This starts your digestive system working and helps you to feel a little more full before breakfast. And yes, you should be eating breakfast.  It takes calories and carbs in our system to burn the stored fat so don’t think that skipping meals is a good idea.
2.  Running on the treadmill for a little while will not help you lose weight!  When you do this your body reaches a point of accommodation and plateaus so again, your not tapping into the stored fat.  Instead, try some strength training for 45min to an hour with low rest intervals. Strength training can be done with just your body weight; Push-ups, Plank, Squats, Lunges, Step-ups.  One of my favorite exercises that utilizes your whole system:  BURPEES (1. you jump straight up in the air 2. down into a  frog squat 3. legs shoot back into plank 4. push-up 5. back into frog squat 6. jump into the air.  Tadaa!!!)  And for those of you who “don’t want to bulk up”  Light strength training doesn’t make you bulky, but cupcakes do.
3.  Get a buddy!  If you can’t afford a trainer, get a friend so that you can push each other.  You want someone who you feel you will hold yourself accountable for.  This way you can share your success together and treat yourself to that cute little summer dress when you’ve accomplished your goals.
Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about health and fitness.  I’m so happy to help.
“Strong is Sexy”  “Get Fit. Stay Fit. BE EXCELLENT!”
Bicoastal Model and Personal Trainer: Homa Hynes

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